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Biden’s Connections to Racism Have Deeper Ties Than We Thought

As you well know, Democrats have purported themselves as the party of minorities for some time now, claiming that they alone hold the interests...

Biden Gets Muted as His Mental Instability Gets Displayed

President Biden continues to say things off-script. It’s embarrassing for him, the administration, and the entire nation. Yet, those on Capitol Hill believe that...

More Trade Groups Question Biden’s Increasing Vaccine Fascism

Ever since Joe Biden announced his sweeping mandates that are designed to vaccinate 100 million American workers, there has been no shortage of follow-up...

GOP Rep Introduces Legislation to Limit Democratic Lies

Since, well, for as long as anyone can remember, there have been calls made for greater transparency within our federal government. It’s why a...

Secret Facebook Program Exempts the Famous from Moderation and Is a ‘Breach of Trust’

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, and CEO of Facebook has a history of insisting that the ground is level at his social media platform. He...

Israel Considers Sending Armed Transformer-Like Robots Into Battle…Seriously

The biggest tragedy of any war is the loss of lives. Excluding civilian casualties, the waring parties charge at one another until one side...

Ron DeSantis Exposes the Inconsistency Behind Joe Biden

Democrats everywhere are scared to death of one bit of truth that is being deliberately ignored from ever getting out. The mainstream media has...

Meet the New Taliban Operative Named Joe Biden

Joe Biden is secretly joining forces with America’s enemies. He has already shown sympathy towards Iran and helping them institute another pointless nuclear deal...

Intel Agencies Warn AL-Qaeda Will Be Back in Full Force in a Year

The headline is a bit of an exaggeration but not to the extent that you think. The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said that...

Crowd Wants To Throw Idaho Potatoes at Joe Biden

Creepy Joe Biden flew into Boise, Idaho thinking that he would be welcomed with a parade and massive cheers as he touched down. But...

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