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Biden Joins Woke WNBA Team in Photo and Takes a Knee

Everyone knows that being in politics, no matter on what level requires a little pandering and appeasement here and there. After all, you have...

Biden Makes Sure that the EPA is in Bed with China

Why is it that every time we turn around, Biden is trying to make nice with our enemies? China has shown that they are...

Free Ramen Noodles for Inmates Who Get the Vaccine at a Washington State Jail

What will officials do to get people to take the coronavirus vaccine? A jail in Washington state is going so far as offering inmates...

Pastor Warns That Enemy Is Now in the Open

Liberal nonsense is plaguing every nation around the world. The movement is the true pandemic on the world’s stage. The Democratic Party is the...

UN Proves Iran Has Nuke Capabilities

The Middle Eastern nation of Iran has long been a thorn in the United States and most other Westernized countries’ side due to their...

Biden Cries to Supreme Court About Having to Work

A federal judge told Joe Biden that he had to keep the “Remain in Mexico” program to keep the southern border protected. The illegal...

Lawmaker’s Compelling Call for Biden to Resign Poses Serious Threat to Democrats

How do we solve a problem like Biden, that’s the question that has been on the minds of so many Americans since the 2020...

Kamala Harris LITERALLY Laughs in the Face of the Afghan Debacle

We really have to question whether Kamala Harris even likes the United States at this point. We’re faced with one of the biggest catastrophes...

Stay at Home or Go to Prison Is New Message From Mississippi Leadership

The constant attack by the liberals regarding the COVID virus is worse than the infection itself. Liberal leaders in Mississippi tell people that if...

Democrats Desire to Hurt Kids Forcing Mask on Their Faces

The dirty Democrats want to staple facial diapers to everyone’s face to prepare them for the Islamic takeover event. Joe Biden and his squad...

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